Request for Proposal (RFP)


The Board began work on a Request for Proposals (RFP) during the week of May 12th by forming an RFP committee comprised of six Board members. Three of the RFP committee members have contracting experience, with one being a team leader in a contract management area. One of the RFP committee members has over 30 years experience as a pediatric practitioner and many years experience in early childhood education and development, including a number of positions in and related to the national Head Start program. The committee used a number of reference documents as a starting point for the RFP, including the GSA example RFP for child care center Boards of Directors, a few example RFPs from other SSA child care centers provided by SSA's Center for Employee Services, an example RFP provided by a child care consultant, as well as a few other child care RFPs found by committee members.

The RFP drafts went through committee review with the final drafts going through additional review by SSA's office of General Law, a child care consultant, and the full Board. The Board reviewed and approved the final RFP during its regularly scheduled meeting on Friday, June 6th, and the RFP was released the same day. The list of potential vendors who were sent the RFP includes vendors recommended and prescreened by GSA as well as potential vendors identified by the RFP committee through research of other GSA child care center providers in the region (DC Capital and Mid-Atlantic Regions) and research of other center child care providers in nearby Maryland counties.

Potential vendors have been asked to submit a Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal on or before Friday, June 13th. Those who do so will have the opportunity to tour the Centers during the week of June 16th. Proposals are due no later than 3:00pm ET on Monday, June 30th. The Board will review and rate the proposals in a three-phased process to include presentations to the Board by the top 3-5 Offerors on July 14th and 15th. The Board hopes to make a decision during its regularly scheduled meeting on July 18th and enter into a contract with the successfull Offeror on or soon after the 18th. Once a vendor has been selected to operate the Centers and a contract has been awarded, there will be a 90-day vendor transition period, if applicable (if the selected vendor is other than the current vendor).

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